Finishing Well

Joshua Generation, part 11. If you want to finish well in your life, you must live well today. Don’t leave it too late to accept and follow Jesus—it’s too risky. Who we are tomorrow depends on decisions we make today.

Arising Conflict

Joshua Generation, part 10. In Joshua 22 we see that God is still leading his people despite all their stumbling and mistakes. So often it’s two steps forward and one step back. But God does not give up on them.

Trust in the Lord

Joshua Generation, part 8. War is part of the fallen human condition, and will always be amongst us. But we have One who has come to bring peace. Jesus is the hope of the nations.

Taking Jericho

Joshua Generation, part 5. Jericho was a mighty obstacle standing in the way of God’s people as they entered the Promised Land. But by faithfully following the Lord’s commands, God fights the battle on Joshua’s behalf, and Jericho is taken.

Believing God

Joshua Generation, part 3. We want to be a people who are tuned into what God is doing, where he is leading, and have the faith and courage to follow him.