Inkosi Kids is a project set up by Kings Church to help children in the rural areas of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, enter education and gain a chance of a brighter future.

Kings has partnered with Thembalezizwe Church, Bulawayo, to fund and develop an ‘early childhood development centre’ for children growing up in a rural community within Zimbabwe.

The children are from very poor backgrounds and wouldn’t otherwise get an education. Many have lost parents and grandparents to HIV and Aids, others face on a daily basis the distress caused by poverty, violence and malnutrition.

As the children are often under nourished they are fed with porridge, fruit, peanut butter sandwiches and vegetables at school as well. At the ECD they are provided with not only education, materials, uniforms and play equipment, but we’re also striving to recapture the laughter, joy, self-confidence and hope that these children need.

The ECD school, founded in January 2013, has a clear Christian ethos, and is based in the Thembalezizwe Church, where our teachers come from. Several of the parents have started attending church through the school, so it’s proving to be a fantastic tool for outreach as well.

Through the generosity of members of Kings and other friends, the Inkosi Kids project has continued to grow, and the project now supports over 100 children by working together to support the local primary schools in Trenance, Bulawayo. Through the programme, donors are making a huge difference to the lives of children who are disadvantaged in every way.

You can give as little or as much as you’d like to the Inkosi Kids project, but we recommend £12.50/month. When you sign up, you can be paired with a child from the beginning of their education journey at the ECD and can write to them, pray for them and receive updates on a regular basis whilst they are at the ECD school.

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For more information please contact Mattea Hart:

Church office: 01323 521125