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Week 3: Sunday 5th April

Sunday Kids (6-11s)

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And you can watch your video on ‘God’s Story: Easter’ here:

King of Me by Rend Collective Kids

Anyday Worship!
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Adventurers (3-5s)

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Don’t forget to download the Bible App for Kids and have fun as a family interacting with the story in a different way! This can be used on a smart phone, tablet and even beamed up to a tv for the whole family to enjoy.

Click the link 👇 below 👇 for details on how to download the app. Click the ‘parents’ tab to find other worksheets/colouring sheets/videos and parent guides as well.

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Please stay in touch via our Facebook and Instagram pages, and let us know which activities you have enjoyed the most!

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Week 2: Sunday 29th March

Sunday Kids (6-11s)

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And you can watch your video on ‘God’s Story: Easter’ here:

Adventurers (3-5s)

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And you can watch your Bible Adventures video here:


Week 1: Sunday 22nd March

Sunday Kids (6-11s)

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And you can watch your video on ‘God’s Story: Palm Sunday’ here:

Adventurers (3-5s)

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And you can watch your welcome video here:

Coronavirus Update

Hi Church Family

Another week into these very strange and challenging circumstances facing nations all over the world and we are just beginning to come to terms with the very rapid changes that we have experienced to our every day lives. We wanted to take this opportunity to update you on some key information for us as a church and ensure that you are kept aware of ways we can each play our part in caring for others or reaching out for help in the coming weeks.


What an amazing opportunity we had lat Sunday to publicly launch our live stream on YouTube and in doing so have a few thousand people join us as we worshiped and meet as church from both sites together. With new government advice to stay home this week we will once again live stream our Sunday service on YouTube but direct from peoples’ own homes rather than from the Kings Centre. Our amazing kids and youth teams are also producing content every week to support families at home and provide opportunities for our kids and young people to connect on Sunday mornings too. These can be found and downloaded here.

We are hoping to produce DVD copies of our Sunday services each week that we are happy to post out or deliver to anyone without an internet connection to watch our services too and hopefully keep in touch with us as a church during times of self isolation. Please contact us on 01323 521 125 if you would like to receive a DVD recording of Sunday services each week.


We have more than 80 different groups still meeting every week using a range of new and inventive forms of technology available to do so. If you are not yet in a group and would like to join one to ensure you stay connected with us during the coming weeks please take a look online and find one that works best for you. Our group leaders would love to welcome you and help to find ways in which we can stay connected each and every week together. If you are already in a group please remember to make contact with your group leader if you need any practical help, prayer or just someone to talk too, they will be happy to help where they can.

Daily worship:

Every morning at 7am our worship team have been holding 30 minutes of live worship on our church Facebook page what an incredible opportunity we have to begin each day looking up and worshiping God before we turn to read the news or check out social media. These are saved online so don’t worry if you miss it live, you can catch up later in the day too.

Need help:

Wow so far 150 people have responded through Love Eastbourne to offer their help and support for anyone struggling at this time. We are here to offer:

  • Phone calls if you feel worried lonely or isolated
  • Technical support to help you stay connected to loved ones
  • Prayer for anyone in need and
  • Practical Support if there is any specific needs you have

Just search ‘Love Eastbourne – Covid 19 support’ on Facebook or click here to get support. You can also contact us at or call the church office at 07517 244920 if you need anything in the coming weeks.


We know that the financial difficulties people are facing at this time are causing huge challenges amongst us as a community and for many across the town. The government have provided some much needed financial support so far but we know that for many this is still a very real worry. As a Church we are facing the financial challenge too with our own building the Kings Centre now officially closed we are predicting a loss of almost £20,000 in the coming months as a result of cancelled bookings and upcoming events. We are so grateful for the ongoing and regular support of hundreds that call Kings their home and would ask you to lean in during this challenging time, ensuring that we not only have enough to keep running all we do as a Church but have enough to over spill, providing for the needs of many across our own town and also into the nations beyond that are being affected by this current virus.

While we know many will be struggling maybe you are in a position or full of faith to give in extravagant and exceptional ways at this challenging time, please do so in love towards all that God is longing to do through his Church in these upcoming days.

For more info on giving you can head to our website or watch a short update video here.

Graham and Belinda:

And finally many of you will be aware that Graham and Belinda were due home from 3 months in Zimbabwe this week but due to the current situation and as an incredible response of faith they have decided to stay on in Zim and play their part in responding to the situation out there for now. You can watch a hugely encouraging and uplifting update from them here and follow them for regular updates on Instagram.

Please pray for them in Zimbabwe, that the country would be protected from an outbreak of the virus and the Africa Alive project they are involved in with Scott Marques would continue to flourish. You may also want to play your part in supporting a new group of 20 local children through our early development centre at Inkosi kids

Finally now as a currently scattered church, we believe it is worth reflecting on two fundamental truths:

This virus is a reminder as human beings of our frailty and dependence. Every breath we have is a gift from a generous God. Let’s strive to make the most of the days ahead as we seek to love one another and wait for Jesus to return.

The promises of God remain true. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords. This has not caught the one who holds eternity in his hands unaware. Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me will live, even though they die.” There is no safer refuge from this virus than our rock of ages Jesus Christ. Hold on to him, cry out to him in prayer and let’s declare his promises to those we know and love.

All our love and hope to see you all soon.

Oli Stevens & Andy Thorpe

Updates from Oli

24-7 Prayer: Sign up

Our prayer rooms reopen 9th January 2020!

To celebrate and kick start 2020, we’ll be having evenings of worship and prayer every night at the Kings Centre. Join us as we gather together to encounter God and commit all that we’re doing to him. Every evening, Thursday 9th to Tuesday 21st January, 8pm, Kings Centre.

At Hampden Park
Our brand new prayer room is opening at the Kings Centre in January and will be available 24 hours a day. Purpose built for accessibility and round-the-clock access, the room offers a permanent place of prayer at Kings.

At Centro
At Centro our newly refurbished prayer room is reopening at Centro Lounge and is also available to book right around the clock.

A few important notes

  1. There are hundreds of prayer slots available. Simply sign up for as many as you like through ChurchSuite (see below). You can sign up yourself, as a married couple, your family, or as a group (but we will require one email address for confirmation).
  2. During the daytime (8am-6pm) we are happy for you to pray on your own (or with others).
  3. During the evening/overnight (6pm-8am), we ask you to be with at least one other person you know and trust.
  4. If praying with others please don’t put yourself into a difficult situation or any circumstances that might conflict with your integrity.
  5. Full instructions on how to access the building and the room will be sent via a confirmation email (two emails will be sent – one confirming the booking and the second as a reminder the day before).
  6. If things change and you can’t make it for whatever reason, that’s fine. It’s easy to rearrange. Please let us know so we can reallocate your hour (see the confirmation email for details).
  7. and yes. There are toilet facilities 24-7 🙂

Sign up

For improved security we’ve placed the sign-up links inside ChurchSuite. You wil find links to both the Kings Centre and Centro Lounge prayer rooms listed in your ChurchSuite menu (see the picture below). Feel free to bookmark these links in your browser but please don’t share them online.

If you need a ChurchSuite account or are having problems with your login, email us at

Sign up through ChurchSuite

Prayer Room Links

Kings Family Night

The full recording from our Kings Family Night where the elders shared the future things God is calling us to in Eastbourne and Seaford, and how we have landed at some of these decisions together.

Here are the five key statements made:

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1. Graham and Belinda will be connecting the Kings Church Family with God’s global mission. Having extended periods of time both home and away, ensuring there’s a strong link between the two.

2. We will be actively raising up the next generation of leaders and elders across the church. This has already been happening in each of the venues over the past few years but will now accelerate

3.As we transition into this new phase, Oli is taking on responsibility for Hampden Park (a role he has already been fulfilling the last six months), with Andy continuing to oversee Centro. Dave Holden will be working with the Elders as they look to determine future leadership of Kings.

4. We are now in the process of releasing Seaford to become a standalone church (but remaining part of the family). We will be supporting Jez, Amy and the team in working this all out.

5. Graham and Belinda are staying in Eastbourne, working on Global Mission from this base. They will continue to be an active part of the church, helping shape the eldership and leadership at Kings over this transitionary period. Belinda will continue to oversee developments in discipleship, integration and pastoral care. They will both be involved in the raising up of new elders and leaders and shaping the future leadership structure at Kings.