7 ways of fasting through Lent

We are using the traditional period of Lent to seek after God through prayer & fasting, bringing our ‘holy dissatisfaction’ to Him collectively as a church family. For these seven weeks, wherever you are in your faith, we are encouraging people to fast, from food, for a time.

This will look different for everyone, it may be skipping a meal once a week and using that time to pray, it might be as a group you fast all day and break your fast together with a meal in the evening, it might be fasting completely for a day or two.

The 7 topics are:

12th Feb: Week 1 — All that is within me
Looking at how we praise the Lord with our whole selves.
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19th Feb: Week 2 — Information overload
Exploring what dials we need to turn down in our lives in order to turn up our spiritual dial.
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26th Feb: Week 3 — Repenting well
Discussing how we repent and how we can use fasting as a way to repent well.
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4th March: Week 4 — Lamenting with God
Considering where we seek comfort in times of grief and lament.
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11th March: Week 5 — Calling on God in a time of crisis
Assessing our gut reactions when crisis comes our way.

18th March: Week 6 — When we turn, He turns
Provoking conversation on whether or not we can change God’s mind and the importance of trying.

25th March: Week 7 — Knowing God’s Mind
Examine how you’ve found the practice of fasting and sharing what God has been speaking to you about and stirring your heart towards.


For some there may be medical reasons meaning you are unable to safely fast from food completely, or there may be people who struggle with eating disorders.

If this is you or people you know, walk through this together asking the Holy Spirit to reveal if there is a particular type of food to fast from, or something that would be helpful to fast instead of food.

We want to reiterate that we live under grace and it’s important to be safe and sensible about this. There’s room for everyone to grow in this practice in some way.

New Ground Sunday — June 2023

Exhortation from Jim Partridge

A 14-minute exhortation by Jim from 2 Corinthians 8:1-7. Jim is part of the New Ground Core Team and leads the team at The King’s Church, Mid-Sussex in the south of England.

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Interview with Dave and Liz

Dave & Liz tell us about their recent travels and the current Multiplication & Growth opportunities opening up for us.

Salvation Story: Andre & Lewis

Andre, from Hope Church Sevenoaks, and Lewis from King’s Church, Oxted, share an amazing story of how God used Andre to talk to Lewis when he was contemplating suicide, and the subsequent story journey as Lewis came to Christ and got baptised.

Prayer Update: French Hub

Jon Le Tocq is based at The Rock Community Church in Guernsey. He is part of the New Ground Core Team and leads our French hub of churches.

Prayer Update: Scotland

Dan Hudson leads King’s Church Edinburgh and our Scotland Hub. We also hear from Mike McLeister, Hope Church Borders, and Gordon Rouse, King’s Church West Lothian.

Prayer Update: Netherlands, Belgium & Germany

Jo Ashok is from Redeemer International Church, The Hague in the Netherlands.

Prayer Update: Brazil

Danny is from Brazil but is based at Crawley Community Church, UK. He works with our two churches in Iracemápolis and Piracicaba in Brazil, and elsewhere in the Portuguese-speaking world.

Prayer Update: England

Nicole and Dale are from King’s Church, Oxted in South East England. Dale is part of the New Ground Core Team.

Easter Baptisms 2023

It’s amazing to hear the stories of those who have had their lives transformed by Jesus, and have made a public declaration that they are following him. Hear their stories from Easter Sunday and our Thursday morning church:

Easter Sunday
00:00 Kate
03:58 Sam
08:34 Shannon
11:31 Connor
18:35 Nathan

Thursday Church
23:01 Katie
23:53 Sarah

To explore the Christian faith in a relaxed, friendly and fun environment (with a free dinner!) consider Alpha, which begins at King’s on Wednesday, 3rd May at 7:30pm. Find out more at https://www.kings.church/alpha

Paul Huggins: Knocking Out My Demons

Paul Huggins is a former professional boxer, born and bred in Hastings. He recounts his colourful life story including his boxing career, near death experiences, trouble with the law, and ultimately how he encountered God in a prison cell.

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You can read more of Paul’s story in his book ‘Knocking Out My Demons’ available at https://veritecm.com/product/knocking-out-my-demons
All online sales from the book go towards Team Seed, Paul’s youth sports and recreation club in Hastings: https://www.teamseed.org.uk

Filmed at Kings Boxing Eastbourne: http://www.kings.church/boxing