Bramber Bakehouse

Bramber Bakehouse

Scrumptious homemade cakes, delicious artisan breads and a little tasteof freedom.

Bramber Bakehouse is an award-winning artisan bakery in the South East, supporting women survivors of human trafficking.

The Bramber Bakehouse programme sees up to 10 women join for 8 weekly sessions. From the first day to graduation, they learn fundamental baking skills and take part in sessions that support and empower them to achieve their aspirations. Every year Bramber welcomes up to 30 women. Each programme includes 3 key components… to find out more, head to their website at

“Bramber Bakehouse is so different to anything I’ve ever done before, I just love it. The team are very understanding and helpful. Because of them, I am stronger in myself”

Bramber Graduate

A little note from Kings…

As a church we love some of the amazing charities that run outside of Kings, so we’ve thrown a spotlight onto some of these which our members have helped set up and run. If you’ve not yet done so, take some time to check out Bramber Bakehouse.