Welcome to Teams

Kings simply would not exist without an army of volunteers generously giving their time, energy and talents to make church happen. And not just on Sundays but all through the week.

Serving is also a great way to become part of our community life. You’ll be making friends with people of all ages and backgrounds — the very substance of family life.

To get involved you can view all our teams or use one of the drop-down filters above to focus your search on a particular area. Simply click ‘sign up’ and with a few short details you’re done. A team leader will respond within a few days and take things from there.

Please note that most teams are running all year. If you wanted to have a taster session in the team, you can ask the team leader and see if this is possible in their team. Please also note that some teams will require a DBS before you can get stuck in — Kings will help you with this.

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