Education is an amazing opportunity and privilege for us to shape young lives, the future generation of our country. As part of the community we each have an active role.

EU Referendum

Should we vote? Which way should we vote? What should our priority be when deciding, and when we disagree with one another, how can we do so in a way that honours Jesus?


The Bible may teach a ‘traditional’ sexual ethic, but it never de-humanises, mistreats, undervalues, or leaves people feeling unloved. Jesus led with love, and it’s that’s love that brought people to the glorious light of the gospel.

Age and life stages

How do we navigate the different stages of life, ensuring we pursue the right things and finish well? Our culture often perceives ageing as an inevitable slide into irrelevance, but as followers of Jesus, our best days are ahead.


How do we discern who deserves our help and how do we apply the Bible’s references to the poor in 21st Century Britain?


What approach to marriage is best for a country? How should we think about civil partnerships, divorce, same-sex weddings, remarriage, and making laws about it all?


What is justice? Who should be pursuing it? How? Where? What implications does that have for everyone?