Catch up with what's going on. If you're new to Kings, you're welcome to every part of what our church has to offer.

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Livestream 2022

Live every Sunday, 10am on YouTube

Due to the situation with the Omicron variant, we're now live again every Sunday on YouTube. This means it's once again easy to watch online when you can't make it to church. Our upcoming livestream is above, but you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel and join us on your smart TV, tablet, or on your favourite device.

Our livestream is also a little different in 2022. How so? We're glad you asked! Catch up with the heart and vision behind the stream as well as some of the updates in this video by Sam (our behind the scenes guy) who runs the stream with a team of amazing volunteers.

Sunday Morning Prayer Meetings

Every Sunday, 9am, in the Sussex at Kings

We've launch our Sunday morning prayer meetings which take place every Sunday, 9am at the Kings Centre. So come a little early, bring your families or bring a friend, and let's pray together before the meeting begins. We want prayer to be at the very centre of who we are as a church, and a place where we meet and encounter God.