Fasting and Abstinence

The Forgotten Arts 2024, part 2. Christians have fasted and prayed and abstained from things for centuries; and it’s always been about wanting to know Jesus more. When it’s not about that, things quickly go off track.

The Gospel Spreads

Acts, part 18. There’s something incredible about Christianity that has caused it to spread across the globe like no other religion. It also spreads through our towns and streets, our schools and workplaces, where God is already present.

Prejudice and Expectation

Acts, part 12. The things that God is doing amongst us must break out of our four walls and reach our town. The Spirit’s work amongst us is precious, but we can’t keep it to ourselves.

The Fellowship of the Believers

Acts, part 3. In chapter 2 we see the importance of baptism and community. To live without fellowship with other believers is like trying to live without water to drink or air to breath.

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