Church Info Night — April 2024

A key event of news and updates for all who call King’s their home.

00:00 Introduction and overview
01:45 Services and Sites update
04:46 Thursday Church
15:00 Church on the Harbour
26:48 Sunday Evening
32:17 Mortgage and Buildings update
— 45:10 Q&A
53:48 Staffing update
59:48 Volunteering update
1:06:42 Role: Director of Operations and Staff
1:14:46 Elders and Deacons update
1:21:38 Gift Day
1:31:22 Scott Marques / Disciple Nations update

November 2022 Financial Update

How is King’s doing financially, what are we planning for the coming winter, and how are we building for the future? Catch our financial update below in two parts:

We are looking for a Creative Intern!

This is for anyone over the age of 18, and it will offer an opportunity to develop both creative and technical skills in things like music, sound engineering, recording, worship leading, graphic design, filmmaking, live-streaming and production. Take a look at the promo video for the general overview.

We will post update soon with details of cost and how to apply on our Creative Intern page. If you would like to register your interest and get notified when this is available, enter your email here.