Easter 2019 baptisms

Baptism tells the story of death and resurrection: dying to your old self, your old way of living, and being born again into a new and eternal life with God.

Here are the stories of ten people who got baptised at Kings over the Easter weekend.

Timings: What is baptism? 00:00, Ryan 02:39, Daniel 06:11, Jack 09:51, Donna 12:29, Elisa 13:59, Zachary 16:18, Cora 18:30, Pierce 20:44, Sylvia 23:16, Adam 27:42.

Video Stories: The Hyland’s Family

Sarah was invited to Kings as a kid back in 2002. Seventeen years later we see three generations of her family all following Jesus. What God can do through one child is amazing. A big thank you to all our incredible kids workers! You’re impacting whole families and future generations.

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November 2018 baptisms

It was fantastic to see six of our young people get baptised last Sunday. Here’s the video of the event with stories and baptisms at the following timings:

Mika: 00:00 and 13:20
Michael: 01:12 and 14:35
Mia: 03:46 and 12:53
Lydia: 04:55 and 13:41
Jordan: 06:10 and 12:15
Ben: 08:27 and 14:05

‘What is Baptism?’ brief explanation β€” 09:37
Baptism: full message β€” 15:10