Bless not Blame

Part 1. We are living in divided times. It seems like everyone wants to blame and attack the other side. It’s ‘their’ fault. But if we only seek to blame we shut down the opportunity to bless others. Rather than looking at the problem, look instead to what God can do through you.

Do Not Bear False Witness

Part 8. Looking at the ninth commandment: we’re not to speak badly or to lie. Sounds easy in itself, but we speak up to 20,000 words a day, but only around 700 have any real value. And we’re increasingly living in a culture of ‘truth decay’ and ‘alternative facts’.


Arguments, feuds and skirmishes of all kinds abound in our culture. Online we can be both anonymous and unaccountable, saying whatever we want. But as citizens of heaven we are called to be different.