How do we respond when we face tough situations, when we’re out of our depth and there’s nothing we can do? We see David face these situations and we see that he “strengthened himself in the Lord his God”.


This week we’re looking at the character of Saul. The Bible provides a very honest and historic account of people’s lives, recording both the good and the bad. In this we can learn lessons from them, and see how the story of God’s people unfolds through history.


Samuel is a key figure in the Bible because he is a prophet — he represents the voice of God to people. He foreshadows David in the same way that John the Baptist foreshadows Christ: he prepares the way for the true King.


Looking at the story of Hannah we discover three main points: when tragedy comes, we need to trust God; when we make promises to God, we need to honour them; and He is the life-changer, the role-reversersal.