Hampden Park: Horrible Histories

Sunday 6th, 13th & 20th August 2017 at our Hampden Park venue

During August we have a three week family friendly mini-series at our Hampden Park venue (Centro and Seaford will meet as normal). All meetings will be at 10am, replacing our usual 9 & 11am services, followed by picnics and beach parties.

6th August: Balaam’s talking donkey
Hearing the unexpected - God using the unexpected to speak
Followed by picnic at Seaside Rec with Centro

13th August: Samuel fast asleep
Hearing at night - God speaks even when we’re asleep
Followed by picnic on Heron Park School Field

20th August: Elijah and the still small voice
God also speaks with a still small voice
Followed by Airbourne Beach picnic. These meeting will be for everyone aged 6 to 160, with an under 5s parent accompanied area for restless little people.


Friday 25th to Monday 28th August 2017

Kings is part of New Ground, a family of churches spread across the UK and Europe. Ashburnham is where we come together for four days to celebrate, worship, get equipped and encouraged, and hear the bigger picture of what's going on. They'll be talks and seminars, great children's work, and lots of opportunity to relax and enjoy a long weekend.

To get a flavour of the weekend watch the promo video below. You can find out more and book in online at newgroundchurches.org/ashburnham

Strand Academy 2017

Tuesday 29th August — Saturday 2nd September 2017

If you are aged 7-17, the Strand Academy Summer School is for you! This week will include professional tuition in singing, dancing and acting, as well as some special extras along the way, such as propmaking, drumming workshops and more!

Closing with an end of school show featuring material for family and friends to come and enjoy. This will take place on Sat 2nd at 6pm.

Cost: £75 (£55 for additional siblings)

Some concessions may be available. All profits will be donated to LIV Village.

Please register online at www.kings.church/strandacademy
A £30 deposit is required per child shortly after booking. Spaces are limited.

The Alpha Course

Our next Alpha Course starts in October 2017

The Alpha course is an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith. It’s relaxed, low key, friendly and fun.

Our Alpha course is a series of nine evenings. At the beginning of each evening a free meal is served, giving you a chance to get to know others, relax and enjoy yourself.

Then there’s a talk, addressing key issues like ‘Who is Jesus?’ ‘What happens when we die?’ and ‘What about suffering?’

And then there’s an opportunity to discuss what you’ve heard, share your views, and ask anything you like. Alpha is a place where no question is too simple or too hostile.

If you want to join the thousands of other people who have been on Alpha, visit our Alpha web page to find out more and sign up.

August at Hampden Park

6th, 13th & 20th August

At our Hampden Park venue will be having joint meetings at 10am with activities straight after church. Centro & Seaford venues meeting as normal.

No meetings over Ashburnham weekend

Sunday 27th August

As part of the New Ground family of churches we will be attending the Ashburnham weekend. On Sunday 27th August there will be no meetings at any of our venues. To book your place visit newgroundchurches.org/ashburnham