Honour Your Father and Mother

Part 9. Very few societies in history have shown less regard for honouring parents, and older people, than ours does. Why is this? There are a whole range of reasons, but underneath it all is this: our culture has no hope beyond death. We trumpet the value of youth to distract ourselves from dying.

God First

Part 1. Far from being irrelevant, the Ten Commandments are God’s best way to live. We’ve all fallen short of them, but God has saved us anyway. Day by day, we can obey God’s word as we walk by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Pursuing Joy

Joy: part 2. Joy is the gigantic secret of the Christian. We are called to a life of joy and happiness. The Bible talks about eternal pleasures and everlasting happiness. We will all experience sorrow; but being a glum, miserable person is not the way Christians are meant to be.