Video Stories: Martin

“My friend asking me to church was potentially the most significant question anyone’s ever asked me”

Martin was one of the first teenagers to become a Christian at Kings. With no church background, Martin simply came off the back of an invite from a friend. During worship a lady collapsed on the floor and her leg was healed right in front of him. When Lex (the pastor) asked if anyone wanted to find out more about Jesus, Martin put his hand right up — to his friend’s amazement.

Fast forward thirty years and you realise what a pivotal moment that simple invite from a friend was. Not just for Martin, but for his wife and children that followed. Amazing to see God at work!

July 2019 Baptisms

Our Hampden Park and Centro venues went down the beach and celebrated the baptisms of eight people who have recently decided to follow Jesus. Amazingly, we were joined by two passers by who wanted to get baptised as well.

Timings: John (00:54), Holly (04:17), James (05:32), Catherine (07:40), Alexia (10:25), Annalie (12:52), Delphine (14:33), Daniel (18:52)

The Good Life

Our Summer series ‘The Good Life’ kicks off this Sunday (28th July), 10am at the Kings Centre. A four week family series based on the book of Proverbs, we’ll be heading back to class in ‘The School Of Wisdom’. Lots of fun, music, videos and treats! Our meeting will be just over an hour long and great for kids of any age (even big kids!).

Get a sneak peak at the timetable here. Don’t forget this is one joint meeting, replacing the 9 & 11am at our Hampden Park venue.

Our Centro venue is also having a one hour family friendly service based on the parables of Jesus. 10am at the Hippodrome Theatre.

Easter 2019 baptisms

Baptism tells the story of death and resurrection: dying to your old self, your old way of living, and being born again into a new and eternal life with God.

Here are the stories of ten people who got baptised at Kings over the Easter weekend.

Timings: What is baptism? 00:00, Ryan 02:39, Daniel 06:11, Jack 09:51, Donna 12:29, Elisa 13:59, Zachary 16:18, Cora 18:30, Pierce 20:44, Sylvia 23:16, Adam 27:42.

Kickstarter Giftday 2019

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Kickstarter at Hampden Park

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In 2 Corinthians 8 Paul writes “But since you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in the love we have kindled in you­­—see that you also excel in this grace of giving.” Kings is a church that excels in so many ways including our giving. Thank you once again for the ongoing generosity of those who have made Kings their home through tithes and offerings—we do not take it for granted.

Recently it has been good to remind ourselves that we are all about introducing people to Jesus. That’s our heart and our calling. For the past thirty years, we have been putting Jesus front and centre. We passionately believe meeting Jesus changes everything. He called us to make disciples of nations. This is massive. Not just the one’s or two’s, but entire people groups. We want to see nations changed by meeting Jesus.

This gift day is an opportunity for us all to give what we can to kick-start new and ongoing initiatives. Giving to God is one of the most exciting things we are called to in life: it honours him and puts him first, it blesses communities, and resources the Church. If you have not been a regular contributor or this is your first time giving at Kings, thank you for joining us on a journey of generosity together.

As a church we would love to raise £80,000 and use the money to:

  • Launch a weekly live stream for people who have never met Jesus to meet him for the very first time.
  • Establish an evening meeting aimed predominantly at students and twenties to ensure the gospel is well presented in a culturally relevant and accessible way for young people.
  • Update some of the physical spaces at HP including the Connect Lounge, Vivo Cafe Bar and even fix our doors into the main auditorium.
  • Every week hundreds of parents, babies, toddlers, teenagers, kids and older people use this building. We want to make their experience as welcoming as possible with refurbished entrance zones and new furniture available within the spaces used.
  • Finally, we want to invest in our prayer room and ensure it is established for years to come in a new dedicated space in the building with access for 24-7 use.

Here’s an idea… if you currently pay your council tax over 10 months, you won’t be making a payment in February or March — would you consider making one/two extra payments, not to the local council for all of its services but to this church to kick-start the projects above and ultimately introduce more people to Jesus. We’re called to be a blessing to the nations and a welcoming community to all. We can’t wait to see the fruit of the money we bring today impacting lives for years to come.

You can give directly into our 2019 Kickstarter Gift Day for Hampden Park online here, or on Sunday 3rd and 10th March via cash, card or cheque.

Kickstarter at Kings Centro

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We are so encouraged by all that is happening at Kings Centro and this is down to every single member of the church playing their part and getting stuck in – leading groups or Sunday teams, pastoral support, prayer, Centro Lounge activities, social action involvement and so much more, including generous financial giving.

However, we are all aware that most people living and working in the town wouldn’t even know we’re here and have no idea who Jesus really is and the relevance he brings to all our lives.

On a Sunday a couple of weeks ago, we heard the story of the four men who bought their paralysed friend to Jesus. They overcame all the obstacles in front of them, and broke through the roof to lower their friend on a stretcher to Jesus. The rest of the story is wonderful, because Jesus both forgave and healed the paralysed man—his life completely changed by Jesus. That’s what we’re about, bringing people to Jesus, and he does the rest!

Centro was launched in the heart of the town centre with a clear vision to become a church home for those from other nations. Bourne School, which is located just around the corner from where we meet at the Hippodrome, has students who speak 37 different first languages and for over fifty percent of the children, English is an additional language. Those children represent families who live within a short walk from Centro and who know very little or nothing about Jesus.

We want to pick up a bunch of stretchers and rip a load more tiles of the roof so that families and children can be introduced to Jesus.

With this in mind, we would love to fund a Cross-Cultural Worker, initially for a year, but with the view to making this a yearly placement with the sole purpose of significantly expanding what we are already doing at Centro.

We’d also love to start a weekly international café in Centro Lounge, activities for children and also help those already part of Centro to find their place in the church.

Here’s an idea… if you currently pay your council tax over 10 months, you won’t be making a payment in February or March — would you consider making one/two extra payments, not to the local council for all of its services but to Kings Centro to fund Cross-Cultural Mission, launch an international café, build bridges to the families of those attending Bourne and ultimately introduce more people to Jesus.

You can give directly into our 2019 Kickstarter Gift Day for Kings Centro online here, or on Sunday 3rd and 10th March via cash, card or cheque.

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