We love our town. We think it's an incredibly beautiful place, and we could make it even more amazing for the people who live here through simple acts of kindness and generosity.

If you received a Love Seaford token, why not pay it forward? Below you'll find some really simple ideas to bless someone else and brighten up their day.

Are you a
NinjaHeroAmigo or boss?
Pay it Forward

Use the token with an anonymous gift

Put a £10 Amazon voucher through a neighbour’s letterbox
Leave a message like "have a great day" or "for anything you need #LoveSeaford"

Leave a generous tip at a restaurant

Wrap a £5 note around the token and place in a busker's hat

Say thank you to someone who serves you with a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers
e.g. your kids school teachers or nursery workers. Keep it anonymous to keep it fun :)

Step in and make the difference!

Offer to help people you see in need
Whether it's the elderly, the homeless, new parents or foreign exchange students, look for ways to help people out and lend a hand.

Post this on your social media timeline:
“I’m free this weekend if anyone needs and hand with anything #LoveSeaford”
If you're under 18 please ask your parent or guardian's permission!

Be a friend to the people around you

Help a neighbour with their gardening or jobs around the house

Volunteer for a project, cause or charity around Seaford

The Boss
Run a business or self-employed?

Offer an unexpected discount on an invoice to a client
e.g. Discount: 10% — see www.loveseaford.org

Offer a service for free
On smaller jobs surprise a customer with no charge, and give them the token instead

If you gave or received a Love Seaford token we would love to hear about it. Take a picture of where you were and what happened and use our very simple Love Seaford form. You can also direct message or tag us on Instagram using our @loveseaford handle.

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