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Groups run on a termly basis. Our autumn term of 2019 runs from 27th January for 9 weeks until 27th March. You can sign up through our groups directory or the ways listed here. And if you’re interested in starting a new group next term, we would love to hear from you. Send your new idea to

When do groups start?

This term most groups start the week of 27th January.

When can I sign up for a group?

The sign-up window for this term starts Sunday 1st September. Sign-up generally takes place during the first month of the school term.

What happens if I sign-up after groups have started?

You're very welcome to join our any of our groups at any time during the term, as long as they haven't reached their maximum number. Each group listed shows whether it is full or has availability for sign-up.

How long will groups run for?

This term most groups will run until the 13th December. Groups will not be running during January, as this is when we have our various one-church events like New Ground Prayer and Hunger.

Can I join more than one group?

Yes you can, but remember it’s better to attend one group regularly than lots of groups occasionally.

If I attend Kings Centro, can I join a group linked to Hampden Park?

Yes, as we are all one church, you can join a group linked to either venue.

How do I know which group is right for me?

There are six different types of groups which you can find listed under the ‘Type’ drop-down filter at the top of the page. You will find life groups, activity groups, courses, reach, prayer and kids and youth groups.

How do I register for a group?

At the beginning of each term, we will publish an updated groups directory in print, on our website and in ChurchSuite. You can log on to ChurchSuite through your browser or through the app available for iOS through the App Store and for Android through Google's Play Store.

What happens after I have signed up for a group?

The group leader will contact you and introduce themselves to you. If you have any questions about the group, this is the time to ask. Once you are both happy that the group is for you, you will be added to the group for that term.

What can I do if a group I would like to join is full?

Many groups will run for more than just one term, so you will have another opportunity to join later in the year.

Am I allowed to stay in a group for more than one term?

Many groups will run for more than one term and you can sign up again.

I have an idea for a group that I would like to run in the future. Is that OK?

Yes, we are on the lookout for new groups and would like to hear your idea. Email a brief summary of your idea to

If you have any other questions about groups, please email

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