Invite to contemplative prayer at Kings this summer

Invite to contemplative prayer

Hi Church family,

It has now been a few weeks since our family info night at the beginning of July. You may have remembered that as part of this update we explained our intentions to host some contemplative prayer meetings at the Kings Centre — potential test events as part of our preparations for future gatherings later in the year.

Following many positive responses from the survey, we have found that approx 30% of the church would like to attend these events and as such we have now completed full covid-risk assessments, approved with trustees, allowing us to host the two upcoming dates detailed below.

Sign up for tickets:

Sunday 9th August at 7pm (100 tickets) Thursday 20th August at 10am (150 tickets)

Both meetings will be hosted at the Kings centre, following social distancing guidelines and will be covid secure in line with current government guidance. (If you would like to attend please click on the date required to book a space, considering potential demand and limited capacity)

Once gathered we hope to meet inside for between 30-45 minutes to; break bread, pray together and listen to the public reading of scripture accompanied by a musical performance.

— Tickets must be booked in advance to ensure we limit attendance and can comply with track and trace requirements, 
— A queuing system for entering and leaving the building will be in place with the flow of movement around the building managed. 
— And we will be suggesting face coverings are worn throughout our time spent inside.

We have fitted hand sanitizing stations and individual portions of bread and juice will be given out on the door. Finally once inside the main hall we will have chairs set out 2m apart and as a congregation we will not be allowed to sing or touch one another as part of these events.

We know how different and far from our desired meetings many of these plans and details sound but please understand we long to do all that we can to follow government guidance, keep people safe and set an example of excellence and consideration for all that would like to attend.

We are working hard to consider every factor and piece of advice available to us, ensuring that we are building confidence amongst you as members of the church we love and for guests from across our town that may wish to join with us in the future.

Despite all of the challenges this season is presenting us with, we believe it is also changing us, as the people of God, to be the church that Jesus longs for us to be. 

Finally while we hope that an initial few of you will join us soon for these dates we also understand that due to shielding or personal circumstances this will not be an option for many others to join larger physical gatherings at this time. There may not be enough space at these events for all that would like to attend or you may want to take a bit more time and see how we do before you consider coming back into larger gatherings in our venues.

We completely understand this and will be continuing to take things slowly, listening to feedback from you, the church, and look to diligently lead as a team in the weeks and months ahead. Church online is still here every week and will be vital in resourcing us as one going forward. Our many life groups have and will key to building and sustaining relationships, discipleship and pastoral care. And our individual friendships with others across the Church are truly the life blood of all we do in growing as followers of Jesus. 

We know that large gatherings in buildings are not more important than other daily things that we do as the Church but they are something that we believe cannot be replaced and have been sorely missed throughout the past few months. Now is the time that we hope to slowly begin gathering again and that these two events will be the beginning of that process for us at Kings.

Thanks once again for your ongoing love and prayers as we continue to love and lead you the Church 

Oli and Andy