Exiles Teaching Series

Exiles teaching series

We are aliens, strangers, sojourners and exiles. We may be persecuted, harassed, intimidated and ostracised. Or we may be welcomed, as long as we assimilate; accepted, as long as we conform. ‘Don’t say *this*, don’t do *that*’.

Outnumbered, we’re moving against the flow. Our citizenship belongs to another place, our identity comes from a greater Being.

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We love our towns, our cities, our country. But we don’t want to be colonised by the culture. Each of has to wrestle with this question: how do we live as faithful exiles?

Join us as we kick off our new teaching series exploring the book of Daniel. Starting 29th April at Hampden Park and Centro, with all talks made available online at www.kings.church/teaching

We look forward to seeing you at Kings!