Under 5s Resources

Hi Church Family!

This month our Under 5’s are learning about “How do we learn to live God’s way?”. (Be sure to make use of the parent’s guide!)

The video we will be watching is called ‘The King and the Kingdom’, here is the link for the YouTube video where you can watch it:

We can learn to live God’s way, by reading our Bible! Jesus is our teacher, and He loves to show us the way just like He showed His disciples.

When we learn from Jesus and live God’s way, it’s like building our lives on a strong rock.

This month’s memory verse is: John 13:13 “You call me teacher and Lord, that is what I am.”

Don’t forget to check the ‘Time with Jesus’ section each week on the adventure booklet. 

Have an amazing time with your little ones, as you go together on this journey in learning to live God’s way.

Love you Family, 
The Family Team

If you aren’t able to print off the sheets, please email us at families@kings.church and we can get them to you.

Enjoy the livestream while your little ones are going on their Bible adventure!

The Family Team