Sunday & Thursday Gatherings

We are once again meeting together in person to pray, worship and break bread together.  Meetings will be hosted at the Kings Centre, following social distancing guidelines and will be Covid secure in line with current government guidance. 

— Tickets must be booked in advance to ensure we limit attendance and can comply with track and trace requirements

— A queuing system for entering and leaving the building will be in place with the flow of movement around the building managed.

— Face coverings need to be worn throughout our time spent inside (unless you are exempt). 

Book online

Sunday morning meetings:
Hampden Park: Sun 23rd May Centro: Sun 23rd May

Sundays at 7pm:
9th May 16th May

Thursdays at 10am:
13th May 20th May 27th May

Important information

Hand sanitizing stations are throughout the building, and individual portions of bread and juice will be given out on the door. Chairs are set out 2m apart and as a congregation we will not be allowed to sing or touch one another as part of these events (unless you are part of the same household). 

Despite all of the challenges this season is presenting us with, we believe it is also changing us, as the people of God, to be the church that Jesus longs for us to be. 

We understand that due to shielding or personal circumstances this will not be an option for many others to join larger physical gatherings at this time. You may want to take a bit more time and see how we do before you consider coming back into larger gatherings in our venues. 

Church online is still here every week and will be vital in resourcing us as one going forward. Our many life groups are key to building and sustaining relationships, and providing discipleship and pastoral care. And our individual friendships with others across the Church are truly the life blood of all we do in growing as followers of Jesus.

We know that large gatherings in buildings are not more important than other daily things that we do as the Church but they are something that we believe cannot be replaced and have been sorely missed throughout the past few months. Now is the time that we hope to slowly begin gathering again and that these prayer events will be the beginning of that process for us at Kings.

Please ensure that you book a ticket for each member of your household who will be attending. 

Thanks once again for your ongoing love and prayers as we continue to love and lead you the Church.

Under 5s Resources

Hi Church Family!

This month we are looking at the story of David and Goliath.Samuel the prophet was sent by God to find someone who would be the next King of the Israelites. 

David, who is the youngest of all his brothers, is called from the fields where he is looking after the sheep. 

God tells Samuel that David will be King.He helps the Israelites defeat their enemies by trusting God to help him, like God always helped him to protect his sheep from wild animals.David uses a simple sling and a stone to kill Goliath.

This month we will be looking at “How to get our heart to match God’s heart?”, we can do this by spending time with God and getting to know him.Reading our bibles make our hearts grow to match God’s heart. Singing to God shows Him that we love Him.Praying is also a really great way to get to know God too!And when our hearts match God’s heart, we are ready to do good things for Him!David’s heart matched God’s, because he wrote songs and sang them to God, he prayed and he trusted God to take care of him, and to keep him safe.

The memory verse for this month is:Titus 3:1 “Be ready, to do what is good!”
Why not learn this bible verse with your little ones!How does your family get to know God?

Hope this month’s resources bless you and your little people!

The Family Team

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Colouring In Parent’s Guide

If you aren’t able to print off the sheets, please email us at and we can get them to you.

Enjoy the livestream while your little ones are going on their Bible adventure!

The Family Team