Under 5s Resources

Hi church family!

This month for our Under 5’s, the video and resources will be looking at sins, or, wrong choices.

The story this month is about when Jesus enters the desert, and the devil tries to get Jesus to sin. The memory verse this month is Psalms 51:10 “God, create a pure heart in me.”

Talking about sins isn’t fun, but it is important that we teach our little ones how to deal with sin and how to make the right choices in life.

We hope that you are well and coping as well as you can!

Love to you, 
The Family Team

Parents Guide Memory Verse Colouring In
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If you aren’t able to print off the sheets, please email us at families@kings.church and we can get them to you.

Enjoy the livestream while your little ones are going on their Bible adventure!

The Family Team