Surprising stories of God’s kindness

God in the Old Testament is cruel, mean and aggressive; whereas the God in the New Testament is loving, kind and forgiving.

That’s an opinion held by many people, but it’s wrong. For the next three months on our Sunday mornings we’ll be going through the first book of the Bible and discovering how surprisingly kind, forgiving and loving God has always been.

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Genesis isn’t just the name of a popular band from the 80s. It’s also the book that opens the Bible’s story and it’s known to many only as being the book that records how God created the world and the story of Adam and Eve, but it’s a book with so much more on offer. Written thousands of years ago it documents the lives of some of the most well known figures in history.

Each Sunday together we’ll be exploring the stories and situations through which God first introduced himself to the human race. We’ll meet some people who made a mess of their lives and some who never stood a chance. We’ll watch to see how God treats the outsiders and the undesirables, the dishonest and the shameful. We’ll delve into themes of regret and romance, family and failure and throughout it all we’ll watch on amazed at the kindness and wisdom of God. It’s a book packed full of surprises.

If you’ve ever made a decision that went dramatically wrong, or if you’ve ever wondered at how you could ever repair the damage you’ve caused — Genesis is for you. If you’ve ever wondered what you did to deserve the good things in your life or if you’re amazed at your good fortune — Genesis is for you. If you’ve ever felt overlooked or devalued, abandoned or cheated; if you’ve ever despaired about the future or complained about how unfair life is, then Genesis is definitely for you.

It’s an ancient book, one of the first in human history, but it’s packed full of punch for modern life. Join us at any of our three venues to explore for yourself just how surprising, unexpected and consistent God’s goodness has always been. Join us as we show how Jesus’ life and death wasn’t a one off display of kindness but the latest in a long line of God being good to us.

We hope to see you there!

We’ll be working our way from Genesis chapter 12 all the way through to chapter 50. To get a head start why not read it for yourself and see what you make of it all?

Update: Our Genesis teaching series is now complete and you can watch the entire series online here.