Grace Works teaching series

Grace Works teaching series

Some people splutter in surprise when they first read Galatians. Some people are offended. Some can’t believe the strength of the language, or the emotion, or the imagery. Some find it provokes all kinds of uncomfortable questions.

Others cling to it for dear life. They find Paul’s talk of a righteousness by faith, apart from works of the law, to be their only hope. They cherish the thought of a community in which there is no Jew nor Greek, male nor female, slave nor free, but everyone is one in Christ Jesus. They celebrate their freedom, stand in grace, and produce the fruits of the Spirit.

But nobody who wrestles with the argument of Galatians can remain unchanged.

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Over eleven weeks we’ll be going through Paul’s most explosive letter in detail. We will ask what he was doing, why he was doing it, and how it might apply to us today. We will try to understand law and grace, flesh and Spirit, slavery and freedom. And most importantly, we will ask ourselves, if what we read in Galatians is true, why it is such good news.

Starting 1st October at Hampden Park, 8th October at Centro, with all talks made available online at

We look forward to seeing you at Kings!